PM Staff Admin

PM Staff Admin

PM Staff Admin is a filtering and blocking software that will help your computer users become more productive. It provides a wide array of options to restrict users from time-wasting activities. Block or limit time on unsuitable sites and programs using PM Staff Admin.

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PM Employee Monitor

Employee Monitor

PM Employee Monitor is a comprehensive monitoring and blocking software. With features ranging from website & application monitoring and blocking, to remote reporting, it will help you improve employees' productivity, and prevent company losses.

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  • Filtering
  • Internet Filter
  • Application Blocking
  • Category Blocking
  • Keyword Blocking
  • URL Black & White Lists
  • Monitoring
  • Websites Visited
  • Applications Launched
  • Screenshots
  • Top Ten Reports
  • Limiting
  • Limit time on websites
  • Schedule time on specific sites
  • Windows Policies
  • Remote Reporting
  • Emailed Reports with Logs
  • Remote Management
  • Settings
  • Individual User Settings
  • Easy to Install and Use

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We use a wide array of security measures to protect your personal data and credit card information.

PM Employee Monitor

employee monitor

With so many distractions in the workplace these days, it is difficult to rich a high level of productivity. In order to keep your employees on the job, try PM Employee Monitor - comprehensive monitoring, filtering and limiting software.

The program provides range of features. It allows monitoring visited websites and launched applications. It captures screenshots and keeps logs of computer use providing detailed statistics. You will know what exactly your employees are doing on their workstations. The program is fully customized and allows monitoring only those that you consider to be necessary.

With Website Blocking and Website Limiting features, you can block any website or limit the time users can spend on it. You can block social networking sites, online and offline games, chats, forums, etc. PM Employee Monitor will remove time-wasting websites and programs. Free your users from distractions and help them focus on their job.

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PM Staff Admin

staff admin

PM Staff Admin will help your computer users be more productive. With a wide array of filtering and blocking options you are able to block your users' non-work related activities and free up time for work.

The software allows you to manage your user online and offline activities. You can block specific sites, or set limits on how much time they can spend on them, or choose which sites your users can visit. You can block any applications on you PCs.

With PM Staff Admin any social networking sites, games, instant messengers, chats or entertainment site cannot distract your users.

The software provides you activity reports on sites visited, apps used, and computer time. So you can be sure that forbidden activities reliably blocked.

PM Staff Admin doesn't require any extensive computer knowledge to install and configure permissions for websites, and applications. You can set up all limitations remotely in a few clicks without getting up from your chair.

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