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Our company ‘PM Soft’ successfully works in the software development industry for over 4 years. We know how to send information technology at the service of your business. It's extremely important for us to achieve high-quality solutions that enable the successful management and efficient operation of Customer's business.

We develop and sell employee monitoring software that let you manage your computers and set corporate rules of their use. Our software controls access to websites and programs, blocking or limiting time wasting user activities to help your business become more productive. Along with filtering services complete set of monitoring features allows you to control your employee evaluations.

Much attention is paid to quality of our products. ‘Product quality and customer satisfaction’ is out high priority. Our products must be of high quality and warranty.

We pay special attention to providing timely and quality technical support to users. We are focused on effective implementation and support of medium and large companies. We have experience in long-term cooperation, including development, modernization, maintenance and support of our products many years.

In today's world quickly changed and the situation often requires individually approach to customer needs. We can work in a situation where the client needs special requirements.

The company's development was made possible thanks to the hard work, patience and the quality of our products and services.

Our company does not stop the development of new programs and improving existing ones.

For an employer or a system administrator, look to PM Soft as an easy to use tools that will help boost productivity in your office.

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