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PM Staff Admin PM Employee Monitor
Visited Websites
Launched Applications
Top Ten Reports
Blocked Activities
Website Filter
Application Blocking
Social Network Blocking
IM/Chat Blocking
Category Blocking
White List
Limit Time on Websites
Windows Policies
Remote Reporting
Remote Reporting via Email
Remote Management
Individual User Settings
Customized Reporting
Easy to Install and Use

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Our product line contains two programs – PM Employee Monitor and PM Staff Admin.

We recommend using PM Staff Admin if you need to filter and block unwanted activity, but do not wish to monitor and record your users. PM Staff Admin includes all necessary filtering and limiting features to block or time-limit any websites, applications and Windows options.

PM Employee Monitor is the most comprehensive our software that contains all monitoring and blocking features. It allows you to monitor each user's activity and block each activity you specified as forbidden. You can also limit them by time or by a schedule. Complete reports of recorded logs can be delivered to your email at intervals defined by you.