Employee Monitor Access Hotkeys

PM Employee Monitor can be strongly protected from unauthorized users. In the hide mode you can't find the program in the Start menu or open the main window from the program folder. So only the person who knows the hotkeys or open world for Run dialog can open the program.

Default hotkeys for PM Employee Monitor are CTRL+Shift+Alt+Z. With these keys you can open PM Employee Monitor when it works in the background. To open PM Employee Monitor, when the program is not launched, please use the default word MONITOR in the Run dialog. See how to open PM Employee Monitor

You can change the default hotkeys to convenient for you.

How to change PM Employee Monitor access hotkeys

  1. Open PM Employee Monitor.
  2. On the Options menu, click General Settings.

employee monitor access

  1. In the Access Hotkey box press your combination.
  2. Click the Save Changes button.

Note! We recommend using at least three not common keys in your combination. They also does not have to be used by other programs or services on your computer.

If you forgot your combination, you can always open the program with open work MONITOR and check them on the General Settings tab.

We strongly recommend you to set an access password, to protect the program from bypassing.

PM Employee Monitor is very flexible program, that you can configure how it convenient for you. This applies to all program settings.

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