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PM Employee Monitor supports email delivery of recorded logs. It is extremely important for monitoring software that reports of user's activity will be easily accessible. A manager not always has access to an employee's computer. Besides, a program that provides only local access to logs is not the best choice. PM Employee Monitor lets you choose how you prefer to view monitored activity. Email Reporting is emails with recorded computer activities that will be sent to a specified by you email address with set time interval. This way you will be able to view logs any time and anywhere, through the Internet. Even, if you're on the other side of the world.

Email Reporting is fully configurable, so you can select what logs you want to receive. The program can deliver logs of visited websites, launched applications, typed keystrokes, top ten computer activities. If you set the filters up, you will get the logs of what forbidden activity was blocked. Unfortunately, you can not get screenshots in email reports, but with our Remote Reporting via FTP this problem is easily solved.

How to Configure Email Reporting of PM Employee Monitor

1. Download and install PM Employee Monitor.
2. On the Options menu click Reporting via Email.

employee monitor email

3. Check Send Reports via Email.
4. In the Send to field enter the email address you want reports will be delivered to.
5. In the Send every x hours field enter how often you want to receive the reports.
6. Select activities you want to receive.
7. Click Save Changes.
8. To test, click the Send Test Report button.

With our app you can view recorded activity locally on a monitored computer, through email or FTP server.

Remote Reporting is absolutely safe and confidential. PM Soft ensures privacy and confidentiality. Our reporting system is fully automated with no access to it.

Windows 8, 7, 2003, XP
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