Employee Monitor FTP Reporting

FTP Reporting allows you to upload websites, applications, keystrokes, top ten activities and screenshots from monitored computers on your FTP server automatically to view and access all recorded logs remotely anytime you want.

One of the main tasks of monitoring software is provide easy access to recorded logs. Except local and email reports of monitored computer activities, PM Employee Monitor provides opportunity to upload logs to your FTP server and view them on it. Remote Reposting is the best way to view and keep logs for small and medium business. This feature is extremely easy to configure, just specify your host, user name and password, PM Employee Monitor makes everything automatically.

How to Configure FTP Reporting of PM Employee Monitor

1. Download and install PM Employee Monitor.
2. On the Options menu, click Reporting via FTP.

ftp remote repoting

3. Check Send Reports via FTP.
4. Enter your Server Name or IP Address.
5. Enter your Username and Password.
6. In the Directory field, enter a path to the folder on your server where you to keep logs.
7. Select activities you want to receive and specify how often logs have to be upload.
8. Save Changes.
9. To test, click the Send Test Report button.

Note! To better organize logs from different workstations, specify a folder to upload logs when set up FTP Reporting, so you can keep computer activities of each employee in the separate folder.

FTP Reporting is easily accessible, convenient and reliable way of viewing and keeping your employee's logs.

Windows 8, 7, 2003, XP
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