PM Employee Monitor Online Help

Getting Started

Installation Opening, Enabling/Disabling
How to install the program on your computer. Installation Guide. How to open / close the program, temporary stop monitoring and blocking, set up a password.


Reports, Local Reports Monitoring Settings
Types of reports. How to access local reports. Set up what computer activities have to be recorded.
Email Reporting FTP Reporting
How to configure sending reports to your email. How to configure automatic uploading reports on your FTP server.


Website Filter Application Filter
Managing website filter. How to block websites. Blocking categories of websites. White List – block all websites except allowed. Managing application filter. How to block applications with PM Employee Monitor.
Limit Time on Websites Limit Time on Applications
How to limit the amount of time that users spend on non-productive websites. How to limit the amount of time that users spend on non-productive applications.
System Security
How to configure Windows Security Policies. Blocking access to the most important Windows options.


Individual User Settings Export/Import of Settings
How to configure PM Employee Monitor for different users on a computer. How to export PM Employee Monitor Settings to other computers.
Configuring General Settings Access Hotkeys
Program startup. Warning message. Stealth mode. How to change PM Employee Monitor access hotkeys.

How to …

How to Block Specific Websites
How to block certain websites in all popular browsers in Windows - detailed instructions.

Registration & Licensing

Registration Purchasing FAQ
How to register PM Employee Monitor. Registration procedure. How to buy. Payment methods. License term. Support. Updates.


Uninstallation Procedure
How to uninstall PM Employee Monitor from a computer.

Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP
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PM Employee Monitor is a powerful tool for monitoring and controlling the activities of computer users. Every company provides computers and Internet access for their office employees. Unfortunately, the Internet can be a tempting place to waste time and possibly even expose your network to viruses. PM Employee Monitor comes to the rescue. You can put your employees 'online' without all the risks of a wide open Internet. This innovative tool allows users to leverage the Internet as a useful tool while preventing them from simply 'surfing the web' instead of being productive. You can monitor their activities and adjust your filtering.

For an employer or a system administrator, PM Employee Monitor provides information how employees are using their computers. It's no longer necessary to look over the shoulders of your staff. Emailed or FTP Reports can be configured to be transmitted every hour or in increments of one hour. Look to PM Employee Monitor for powerful and easy to use tools that will help increase productivity throughout your office.