Import and Export PM Employee Monitor Settings

Transfer your PM Employee Monitor settings as a data file that you can import to the program on other workstations. Use the Import / Export option to manage a lot of workstations with the program installed on them.

We understand how monotonically configuring the program on several computers (from 2 to hundreds). That's why we have tried to save your time and effort. Configure PM Employee Monitor once, and then export your setting in a configuration file, that you can later import to other PCs.

How to Export Settings

1. Open configured PM Employee Monitor.
2. On the File menu, click Export Settings.
3. Specify a name and a path of an exported data file. Type the path manually or click the Browse button.
4. Save the configuration file.

export settings

How to Import Settings

1. Open PM Employee Monitor.
2. On the File menu, click Import Settings.
3. Select the configuration file and click OK.
4. After the importing, the Import Complete message will appear.

import settings of employee monitor

success import

You can transfer the following setting:

Note! You can't export / import user account settings. When exporting/ importing settings all settings will be applied.

Create a PM Employee Monitor settings and configuration file to transfer setting to other computers or product versions.

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