Monitoring Settings of PM Employee Monitor

Monitoring Settings allows you to choose what computer activities will be captured by PM Employee Monitor. The program can record the following categories of computer activities:

  • Visited Websites - Chart and History
  • Launched Applications - Chart and History
  • Typed Keystrokes
  • Computer Activity
  • Screenshots

Each of them can be turn on of turn off, so the program will record and send to you just logs that you need. Choose only those you want to monitor. The program silently works in the background recording specified computer activities and does not slow down computer work. It does not give itself away except blocking or limiting forbidden applications and websites. It will provide you graphic reports for most visited websites/applications together with history logs. All monitored computer activities except screenshots is available via email reporting.

How to Configure Monitoring Setting

  1. Open PM Employee Monitor.
  2. On the Options menu, click Monitoring Settings.
  3. Check or uncheck the checkboxes with the names of categories.
  4. Apply your changes.

the Monitoring Settingsn tab

Note! By default, PMEM records all computer activities on all user accounts. The initial settings is handled during the installation. However, you can modify each settings at any time.

On the same tab you can also set up screenshots capturing interval together with image quality.

Capture Screen Every X minutes allows you to set up interval the program captures screenshots. It can be from one minute to infinity. More often means more details, but more time reviewing them, and vice versa.

You also need to remember about disc space. Configure image quality of captured screenshots by choosing percent in the Image Quality field.

The program also allows you to choose what users need to be monitored or limited. See how to configure the program for different users

PM Employee Monitor is a fully customized program that allows you to record activities you need. Configure the program settings to control only important activities to improve productivity and ensure employees' privacy.

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