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PM Employee Monitor provides comprehensive reports of monitored computer activities: websites, applications, keystrokes, computer activities, top 10 activities, screenshots. These activities allow you to fully evaluate your employees' behavior and increase productivity of your company.

You can access logs locally on the monitored computer, receive emails with logs or configure the program to upload logs automatically on your FTP server.

How to Access Local Reports

  1. Download and install PM Employee Monitor.
  2. On the Reports menu, click the report category you want to view.

Employee Monitor Reports

Note! PM Employee Monitor stores latest 1000 logs. You can export any report in a html file and keep statistics in a convenient location.

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Monitor Computer Activity

Top Visited Websites and Used Applications

The program not only records Web surfing and application history, it provides statistics of how much time your employees spend on websites and applications. PM Employee Monitor counts just active time. If a website or some document is just opened but not active, the program recognizes it and does not count such time. Top Statistics will save your time and let you check your employee computer activities without interfering in their personal life.

Visited Websites

PM Employee Monitor records websites visited by each user on all popular browsers (Google Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc). It logs websites URL and their title.

Launched Applications

Record all launched applications, so you can view and block unproductive ones. No employer wants to lose productivity due to extended games of solitaire during business hours.

Typed Keystrokes

The keylogger records employee's keyboard strokes typed in all applications and browsers. You can view search queries, business correspondence, etc.


One more element of evaluation is screenshots of your employees' desktops. PM Employee Monitor takes screenshots with the time interval you have set.

Computer Activity

With a computer activity report you will see when your employee arrives at office, how much time he/ she spends on computer , when he/she ends his working hours. As with applications and websites, you see just active time, your employee works on a computer.

Note! You can enable / disable recording each computer activity, so the program will log just activities you need of users you will specify.

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Our Productivity Monitoring Software provides comprehensive reports of all computer activities.

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