Configuring General Settings of PM Employee Monitor

On the General Settings tab you can configure a program start-up, edit a warning message and switch PMEM to stealth mode.

To open General Settings, open the program, and then on the Options menu, click General Settings.

general settings

Startup Settings

Startup Settings allow you to configure the program autorun for different users. PM Employee Monitor can be configured to load automatically when the computer is turned on in the morning. It can run regardless of who is logged in or it can be set up to load only for a specific user. You can also turn off the program auto start-up.

Note! For normal program work, monitoring and filtering, PM Employee Monitor must be launched, so we recommend enabling the program autorun. By default, the program starts automatically for all users.

Warning Message

If you want to inform your employee about monitoring, select this checkbox. The warning message will be displayed when a user turns on the computer or logs into his/her account. You can also configure the waning message and write your text.

Display Splash Warning on Startup - check it if you want PM Employee Monitor displays the warning message about computer contol when it starts up.

Stealth Options

Stealth mode allows you to make the program invisible. No one in your company needs to know that PM Employee Monitor is even running on their workstations. Simply enable the 'Stealth Mode' to hide the program from every user on the computer. It will run in the background and perform all features silently. Users can not find the program in all programs, find the program icon on your desktop (if you have created it during the installation), and they will not be able to uninstall the program through the 'Uninstall and Change a program' Windows menu.

Access Hotkeys

To open PM Employee Monitor when it works in the background, press the hotkeys (CTRL+Shift+Alt+Z by default). Pressing those keys will cause the program to display on the screen so system settings can be checked and edited if necessary. Like just about everything in the program, the Access Hotkeys is also configurable. To change the hotkeys, put the mouse cursor in the field and press your combination of keys.
Note! We recommend using the hotkeys that do not match with the hotkeys of other programs.

Password Protection

We recommend you to protect access to PM Employee Monitor with a password. To set/change the password, click the Set Password button.

The access password allows you to protect program from an unauthorized user, who can try to deactivate or uninstall the program, to stop computer activity monitoring and filtering. The password ensures a more reliable work of the program.

Note! The password is case sensitive. Alpha and numeric characters can be combined.

To easily configure the software on multiple computers we recommend you to use the export/import option from the File menu. Read How to Import and Export PM Employee Monitor Settings.

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