PM Employee Monitor - Individual User Settings

PM Employee Monitor allows you to monitor and administer all user accounts on your computer independently of their rights. You can set individual settings for each user account on your computer. Enable/disable filters or specify what accounts you want to monitor or manage on the User Profiles tab.

The User Profiles tab contains a table with user names and names of the features that you can turn on or turn off. For example, you can enable website and application filters for your employee, but disable monitoring, so his/her computer activities will not be recorded.

How to configure PM Employee Monitor for different users on a computer

1. Download and install PM Employee Monitor.
2. On the Options menu, click User Profiles.
3. Check or unchecked the checkboxes with the names of the features opposite usernames.
4. Save Changes.

user accounts

You can enable/disable the following filters and features:

* The program records websites, applications, keystrokes, top ten activities, screenshots

Note! By default the monitoring and blocking features are enables for all users.

As mentioned, the program can contol accounts independently of their rights, however to install the program on a workstation you must have administrator rights. During the installation, PM Employee Monitor detects all user accounts automatically and installed on them. If after the program installation someone creates a new account, PMEM will determine it and will monitor / administer the new user according to your settings.

With PM Employee Monitor you can choose an account you want to monitor or control all Windows accounts on your computer, individualize filters and limits. One account can be used to manage other user accounts.

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