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PM Employee Monitor is comprehensive computer monitoring software that provides a large set of monitoring and blocking features. With so many distractions in the workplace today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a high level of productivity. In order to keep your employees on task, you need reliable software that helps you greatly improve productivity.

Monitor all computer activity, block / limit websites and social networks, block non-work related applications, view screenshots with our employee monitoring software. PM Employee Monitor fits any company's security needs, no matter how small or large they may be.

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Employee Monitor | Features

Websites Monitoring and Blocking

With PM Employee Monitor, website filtering has never been easier. You can specify which sites to ban by URL or keyword. Alternatively, you can specify which sites to allow by URL or keyword, and block everything else. Our intuitive website blocker can block sites based on content, prevent the need to ban sites based solely on an address. The website filter works efficiently in the background so your computer does not slow down. You can also easily block websites by categories.

View all visited websites on all popular browsers even if users cleared the history. Integrated traffic monitoring services keep logs of all visited website for your review. The page title, URL, and time of visit are all recorded and can be easily find.

Applications Monitoring and Blocking

Blocking of non-work related applications, like games or messengers, can be one of the most effective methods to increase productivity. You may choose to block applications from our predefined list of common "time-wasters" or ban specific applications by choosing them directly from the client computer. Employee Monitor's built-in log of launched applications also allows you to easily view a list of historically used programs. This is particularly convenient for reviewing user trends as well as detecting unwanted programs that may need restricting. Read how to block applications with our Application Filter

Top Websites and Applications

You can spend hours sifting through logs to determine what sites and applications your users' are using the most. Or, you can use PM Employee Monitor's Chart interactive reports to easily view statistics on this information. At a glance you can view what activities employees are spending the most time on, and decide whether or not it's acceptable. Perhaps you forgot to block an unproductive application. Maybe you overlooked the filtering of some unacceptable site content. No worries. You will find it in the Charts.

Limit Time on Websites

This unique feature allows you to limit the time spent on websites you deem as being non-productive. It is important to restrict a user's access in the workplace, but if you want to provide your employee little freedom the time limits feature perfectly fits your needs. With this feature, you can allow users to have a little rest without productivity losses. For instance, you can choose to allow employees a 45-minute break each day. You can configure the time limits feature to limit time a user can spend on social networks or chats (like Facebook and Twitter) to 30 minutes per day / week. Read how to limit the time spent on Facebook.

Chat & Instant Messenger Blocking

Instant messengers and chat programs are huge time wasters. This is why we provide the ability to ban the use of chat and instant messenger applications like Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, AIM, and many more. You can block any IM installed on your computer.

Screenshot Capturing

You may feel the need to obtain a clearer picture of what is really occurring on your workstations, screenshot capturing will provide you such picture. You can configure Employee Monitor to take screenshots at customizable intervals of time. You can also set the image quality for the screenshot to ensure file size is kept manageable for your storage needs. Reviewing the screenshots provides you a full picture of your user activity at a glance.

System Security

You can configure software to restrict and monitor user access all day, but if you don't limit their access to system level tools and utilities, your efforts may easily be circumvented. Our system security module enables you to restrict access to Windows control panel, command prompt, and task manager. You can also prevent users from changing the system date and time, modifying the registry, and much more. Read how to disable Windows features

Remote Reporting via Email

Even the most functional computer monitoring software can provide little use if user-friendly reporting is not readily available. We developed robust reporting system that allows you to receive emails with reposts of recorded activities. For instance, you can easily keep a close watch on an employee with emailed reports. This allows you to see exactly what a user is doing. You specify your email address and the program will be automatically send logs to your email. These features provide a centralized way to access data without the need to access individual workstations.

Easy to Install and Use

Employee Monitor has many features, but remains easy to use. None of our features are overcomplicated or hidden away in some corner. They're all easy to access and configure. Installation is a snap too! Our wizard driven setup tool is easy to perform and allows full installation in only a couple of steps.

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