Monitoring Employees Work Can Save You Money

Here is a scenario for every manager to consider: you have won a major client and you need all your team really focus on work. Time goes, but the work performance is far from the plan. How to determine where the time is wasted. If you have faced a similar situation, then it's time for your company to consider using monitoring software.

What are your employees doing? What sites do they visit? How much time they are spending on those sites and why do they take so long to complete their work. Employee monitoring can give you answers.

Pros of Monitoring Employees

1. Stopping Inappropriate Behaviors

According to research studying employee behaviors in big companies, 20 % of workers frequently visit pornographic sites, play games on the workplace misusing company time.

2. Limiting Non-work Related Activities

Social networking sites can take too much time. Many employers don't mind little breaks with reading news, chatting with friends, etc. However, some employees may intentionally or not intentionally misuse these breaks.

3. Increasing Productivity

Less time for fun is more time to work. When employee knows that he is monitored he spend less time unproductive. Read how to boost efficiency in the workplace

4. Protecting Company Property

When employers concern about a theft of proprietary information, employee monitoring can provide them a clear answer. Thus the transfer of company information can lead to huge losses.

How can PM Employee Monitor help you find out the truth?

The program is designed to help you monitor what each of your employees are doing on a daily basis without having to walk around the office and try to catch them doing something that is not work related. A good monitoring program, like PM Employee Monitor, is a utility that lets you stay in your chair and monitor only those things you feel are causing your company to lose productivity. You can monitor every little keystroke your employee's make or only run a report on the top websites they visited

top spent websites

or a report of time spent on computer:

computer activity

No matter how much or how little you use it, you will be able to save money for your company and boost efficiency in the workplace.

How to configure PM Employee Monitor

Program configuring is extremely simple and does not take more than 5 minutes.

  1. Download PM Employee Monitor and install it on computers you want to monitor.
  2. Run the program on the computer.

main window

Program stars monitoring computer automatically after the installation. All you need is to configure Email Reporting and set up Website and Applications filters if you need. Read how block websites on Chrome

email reporting

You can also customize the program for different users on your computer.

user settings

How will your employee's react to monitoring software?

Studies on these applications have shown that most employees accept this type of software and it makes them more motivated to do a good job, if they was informed about installing such software on company computers. It is important to say that such surveillance is not out idle curiosity. Controlling their activities is a way to improve their performance.

If they know their boss is watching them, they will ensure that their work is of high quality and done on time. While there will be some employees that feel the software is simply a way for their manager' s to spy on them, most will accept the decision, especially if you still allow them to surf the Internet on their lunch hour and breaks.

You can use employee monitoring software without making your employee's feel as if you are invading their privacy. This is a concern many managers have expressed when considering putting these types of measures in place in their office. Managers can use an employee monitoring program to run reports that show the most time consuming activities. This allows the employees to maintain employees' privacy while giving the manager the information he needs.

PM Employee Monitor will not only do everything mentioned above, but will also allow you to block unwanted website, applications and customize user profiles. It will allow you monitor everything going on your office and save your company money. Don't allow your employees to continue to be unproductive. Instead, take charge and bring productivity – and company pride – back to the workplace.