How to Improve Employee Productivity with Monitoring Software

Do you have employees that waste time on websites like Facebook or Twitter instead of working? Is productivity suffering because of it? When it is time to take control of your staff to boost their productivity.

PM Employee Monitor has helped many companies to solve these problems. It controls all computers and makes reports of what your employees were doing during a day. What applications were launched, what sites were visited, when a user started and finished his work.

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Autid Activities

Audit Your Employees' Activities with Complex Monitoring Software

PM Employee Monitor is able to track all types of computer activities - websites, applications, search queries, screenshots. The program reports how much time users spent on each site and application showing diagrams of internet activities and computer time. With this app you can view reports locally or anywhere in the world.

"I was always worried about what they are doing when I was out. I often have to go on business trips. So I called them 5 time a day and asked how the work was going. With employee monitor I can relax. In every corner of the world I can see what's going on in my office."

Top visited websites and applications - these two features allow your employees to work without worrying about tracking their own activities. However, they provide a clear picture what your employee does on a task, how long it takes, and where your they could stream line the entire process to make them more efficient. Monitoring employees can save your money

Block Access to Forbidden Websites and Applications

This feature allows you to block unwanted websites and non-work related applications, like games, social networks, online shopping, etc. By referring to the log in a monitoring program, you can find out what applications are being used and determine programs that may need to be blocked. This program can also be used to block instant messaging programs if they are not a part of your company's communication system. Block forbidden activates and help your staff concentrate on the quality of their work. Read How to Ban a Website Using the Hosts File

"One of my employee could not live without reading her news in Facebook. I was repeatedly forbidding her to do it, but with no result. With PM Employee Monitor I have blocked all social networks on her computer with no change to get them."

Block Forbidden Activities

Limit Time on Non-work Related Activities

Limit Time on Non-work Related Activities

When you limit what your users can do online and offline, you can help them become more productive. With our software, you control how much time they can spend on non-work related websites. For example, you can limit time on Facebook to 30 minutes per day. Reduction time on apps is also available. Games, instant messengers can be limited as well. Any activities can be blocked or limited in time.

"We decided to strengthen corporate discipline by limiting the amount of time our personnel can spend on non-productive websites and applications. We don't mind having breaks at workplace but everything has its limit."

Set up Windows Security Policies

Many companies does not allow their staff members to access system level tools and other utilities to tweak the way their computer operates. The program can disable access to these types of control setting and allow them only to your IT department. You can limit using the control panel, changing system settings such as the date and time, and even keep from using the command prompt. Blocking important Windows Settings you protect workstations from damaging and seriously save IT workers' time. Lear more how to set up Windows Policies

"Our Sys Admin often has to work overtime because of many problems with computers occurring by incorrect activity of some employees who inadvertently spoiled Windows Settings."

Set up Windows Security Policies

Individual User Settings

Set up Monitoring Software Tailored to Each Employee

You can set up a profile for every user based on your security and monitoring needs. For example, if you want to see what a new employee is doing during their trial period, you can have all access to their computer. The program can be set with as many profiles that have as much or as little control as you feel is right. See how to set up different settings for user accounts

"We have 24 house phone support, so a few people work on one workstation. They are very different persons. I was need software that can be customized to individual users' needs. PM Employee Monitor fits me the best.

Sometimes you need to be firm with your employees to boost productivity and morale. By using an monitoring software in an employee-friendly environment, you can do both without compromising your company security and taking away all of your employee’s freedom.

"I did not believe that productivity can be significantly improved by using monitoring software, but your program convinced me. After I installed it on all computers in my office, effect surpassed all my expectations. Many projects have been done even faster than we planned under optimal conditions."

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