PM Employee Monitor System Security

PM Employee Monitor allows you to block access to the most important Windows options, that changing is undesirable and may damage your computer.

More and more companies are considering the need to restrict user access to the main Windows option as an obvious fact. PM Employee Monitor greatly simplifies this process. With a few clicks, users can be locked out of sensitive areas such as the Windows Control Panel, the Add/Delete Programs Menu, the Command Prompt, and many other programs that require advanced expertise to use properly.

How to Configure Windows Security Policies with PM Employee Monitor

1. Download and install PM Employee Monitor.
2. On the Options menu, click Windows Security.
3. Check the checkboxes with the names of Windows option you want to be disabled for users.
4. Apply Changes.

system security

It allows:

  • Restrict Access to Windows Control Panel
  • Restrict Access to Add/Delete Program Menu
  • Restrict Access to Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del)
  • Restrict Access to Registry Editor
  • Restrict Access to System Configuration Utility (msconfig.exe)
  • Disable Command Prompt (cmd.exe)
  • Do not allow a user to change Date and Time
  • Do not allows a user to install programs

How to filter websites
How to block specific applications

Note! The System Security feature also allows you to deal with unscrupulous employees who are trying to circumvent the program and remove the blocking and monitoring.

Read how to install PM Employee Monitor and how to start using it.

Most computer users should not have access to system settings. Over enthusiastic users may inadvertently make changes that result in digital disaster. Hundreds of dollars in avoidable costs could result from IT service calls to repair problems created by inexperienced users. Modern operating systems can be configured to restrict access to these settings, but most employers and business owners do not have the expertise to configure such permissions. With PM Employee Monitor easily configure Windows security policies within a few seconds.

Windows 8, 7, 2003, XP
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