Opening, Enabling/Disabling PM Employee Monitor, Setting Password

Welcome to PM Employee Monitor

After the installation, PM Employee Monitor runs in the background. It tracks computer activities, filters websites and applications that you have specified, and does not slow down the computer. Recorded statistics can be reviewed in report form from within the program, emailed to you or automatic uploaded to your FTP server.

You can easy configure filters as well as set up what computer activities have to be recorded. By default, the program filters and settings apply for all users independently on their rights, however you can configure the program for different users on a computer.

Opening PM Employee Monitor

If you create a shortcut in the Start Menu during the installation, you can open the application by usual way from Start > All Programs > PM Employee Monitor. In other cases or in the stealth mode there are a few ways to open the app.

How to Open PM Employee Monitor

1. Press the Windows key windows key + R, then type 'monitor' and click OK.

run dialog

2. Press the hotkeys Ctrl + Shift + Alt +Z by default. You can change the hotkeys to convenient to you. See how to change PM Employee Monitor Access Hotkeys.
3. Enter your access password, if you set it up.


Note! You can open the program using the hotkey only if PM Employee Monitor works in the background. The access work 'monitor' not only allows you to access the program, it also allows you to run it manually.

To protect the program access from unauthorized users who can disable or uninstall the program, we recommend using an access password. See how to set up the access password

After the installation, please register PM Employee Monitor with your license key.

Closing PM Employee Monitor

When you close the program, from the menu File -> Exit or clicking X, the program continues working in the background.

To fully close/disable PM Employee Monitor, on the File menu, click Shutdown.

Note! For the program work it must be running. If you shutdown PM Employee Monitor, it will not be able to control your computer.

By default, PMEM automatic runs for all users. You can change it on the General Settings tab.

Disabling (Stop) / Enabling (Start)

There may be times when you want to temporarily disable (stop) the program, for example, you might want to temporarily allow access to the Internet without blocking any content. Rather than temporarily changing the current user's policies, you could temporarily disable PM Employee Monitor.

How to Disable (Stop) PM Employee Monitor

1. Open PM Employee Monitor.
2. On the main window, click the Stop button.
3. The Stop button will change it status to pressed. Now the program is disabled.

start button

When you want to enable (start) PMEM, click the Start button.

Note! The program continue be disabled until you press the Start button.

Setting Password

Access to the program can be password-protected. The password can be given to system administrators or supervisors, but user and employees will not have access to the configuration settings enforced by the program. We strongly recommend using the password to protect the program from bypassing.

How to Set up PM Employee Monitor Access Password

1. On the Options menu, click Set Password.
2. Type your password, retype it to confirm and click OK.

set password

Note: Passwords are case sensitive. Alpha and numeric characters can be combined.

Please browse other items of Online Help, to find out how to configure filters, set up remote reporting and to view other program settings. Or Read Technical FAQ to find your answers on your questions.

Windows 8, 7, 2003, XP
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