How to block certain websites

Here is two ways how to block certain websites. The first one is with use of website filter software and the second one is using Google Chrome options.
Blocking site is a popular and necessary measure. It enables employers to increase productivity and use working hours more efficiently. It enables parents and schools to protect children from unnecessary or dangerous content. Blocking social networks that can take a lot of time is especially important nowadays.

Let's examine how to block websites in details.

How to block certain websites with PM Employee Monitor

PM Employee Monitor is monitoring and blocking software that allows you to control computer use easily and has many useful feature to block or limit websites in all browsers.

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  1. Download and install PM Employee Monitor.
  2. On the Controls Menu, click Website Filter.

blocking websites pm

  1. Click Add near the Banned Websites list.
  2. Specify a website address or a keyword.
    Note! Websites that contain the keyword in their URLs or titles will be blocked.
  3. Save Changes.

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PM Employee Monitor is an easy to use, but highly effective Internet Filter that has many advantages over free methods of banning sites. The program allows you:

  • Block certain sites by URLs and keywords in all popular browsers
  • Block social networks
  • Ban websites in spite of proxy servers and anonymizers
  • Lock entire categories of sites
  • Block specified applications (games, IM, etc)
  • Monitor computer activity (visited websites, launched applications, screenshots)
  • Receive e-mailed reports with logs.

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How to block specify websites on Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Open Chrome Settings.
  3. In the Search String enter Change Proxy Settings.
  4. Click the Change Proxy Settings button.
  5. Click the Security tab.
  6. Click the No Entry sign, and then click the Sites button.
  7. Enter websites you want to forbid.
  8. Close the window.

block certain websites on chrome

Note! This way of blocking websites is also suitable for Internet Explorer.

Blocking websites with build-in browser options is very unreliable. Such method can be easily bypassed or can not work on your computer. To block specify sites we recommend using special software such as PM Employee Monitor.

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Windows 8, 7, 2003, XP
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