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An average computer user spends most of his time online on a social network like Facebook or Twitter. People use them virtually anywhere: at work, school or home.

Those websites can happen to be time consuming, and most employers want to block social networks in offices in order to get the employees focus on their actual job. Even parents and teachers try limiting the time their children spend on social networks.

How to Block Social Networks with PM Employee Monitor | Instructions

PM Employee Monitor is professional filtering and monitoring software that allows you to block social networks in all browsers. It helps you reliably block all unwanted websites and applications to improve productivity in the workplace.

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1. Download a 15-day free trial of PM Employee Monitor and install it on your computer.
2. Open the program and click Website Filter.

main > website filter

3. Select Facebook and Twitter or add any other social networks to the Banned Website list.

block social networks

4. Apply your settings.

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How to block Social Websites with the Hosts File | Instructions

1. Open the following folder:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\ for Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista

hosts file folder

2. Open the hosts file with any text editor (for example, Notepad).
3. Add the following strings to the end of the file to block Facebook and Twitter:
4. If you want to block other social networking sites, try finding their servers and add them the in format you can see above.
5. Save the host file.

Note! We strongly recommend creating a copy of the hosts file before making any changes. Save the copy to a safe location.

Note! The host file does not have extension. Be careful when save it after your changes.

Benefits of PM Employee Monitor

easy iconEasy to Use
Block social networks or limit time on them with a few clicks. You don't need any special computer knowledge and skills. Blocking Facebook is more simple than to register on Facebook.
hard iconHard to Bypass
Blocking social networking with the host files is unreliable and can be easily bypassed. PM Employee Monitor has several levels of protection and blocks forbidden websites event if a user try opening them with proxy servers.
monitoring iconAll-round Monitoring
The program tracks websites and applications, along with the amount of time spend on them. You can also record typed keystrokes and view screenshots of your employees' computer activities.
block iconBlock Applications
Block any program installed on the computer, install messengers, chats, games, etc and disable Windows options access to which can damage the operation system.
email iconEmail Reports
Receive all logs thought emails, so you can view them from anywhere far from your office. Just specify your email address and a time interval.
time iconTime Limits
If you don't want to block social websites completely, with PM Employee Monitor you can limit time spent on websites and applications and set up schedule for specified activities.
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Five Reasons to Block Social Networks

It boosts productivity in the workplace

One of the main reasons for blocking social networks in your office is the reduction of work time and therefore productivity caused by them. These social networks aren't the biggest problems themselves, but the different links your friends share that you can't resist checking and wasting even more time watching videos, pictures or reading some fun facts.

It reduces the risk of virus and malwares

Being so widely spread, these social networks are one of the main places people try to spread their viruses and malwares. With your employees using Facebook on a daily basis you take a risk of infecting your computers with malicious software that could potentially harm your business.

It blocks most part of offensive or inappropriate content

Social networking at the office opens up the potential for offensive or inappropriate content to inadvertently appear on workstations.

It improves the professional atmosphere at work

Professional relationships at work can be challenged by allowing social networking activity on the job. Conflicts can be started or exacerbated by immediate online posts.

It provides division between personal and personal life

A cleaner division of one’s personal life from his/her professional life will facilitate greater efficiency at the office. Social networking can easily compromise this division.

Even though Windows has a way of blocking websites, it's far from the optimal solution. You're forced to change files manually every time you want to block or unblock a website and you can't manage the time a user spends on it.

limit Facebook

With PM Employee Monitor you can block and unblock these websites easily and even make exceptions like allowing a website to be used only on a time limit.

Read how to limit Facebook time

Blocking or limiting time on social networks at your discretion is vital tool in helping to maintain the type of environment—be it the office or a household—that ensures that your internet network is getting the most responsible usage.

Try PM Employee Monitor to block social networks and verify these statements.

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