How to limit Facebook time

Let us introduce the program that allows you to limit time on Facebook, limit time on other websites and applications, or block websites / applications on a computer and can't be bypassed. Here is detailed instruction with screenshots how to limit time on Facebook.

There is no method to limit Facebook time except using special software. However, the programs differ greatly in functionality and reliability. The most important criteria of Facebook time limit software is reliability. You can search how to bypass Facebook ban and find hundreds of methods. Users who have set a goal to remove the restriction also easily find them.

How to limit time on Facebook with PM Employee Monitor

PM Employee Monitor is effective and easy-to-use monitoring software that let you limit Facebook and other social networks in a few clicks in all popular browsers.

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  1. Download and install PM Employee Monitor.
  2. Click Time Limits.
main window > time limits

3. Check the Facebook checkbox.

limit Facebook time

  1. Click the Add button and add other websites you want to limit.
  2. Specify the amount of time users are allowed to spend on Facebook and listed websites.

specify time limits

6. Set up a schedule for the websites if you need.

set schedule

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Who can benefit from limiting Facebook time? Among the people who want to limit Facebook time, there are many employers and parents whose employees and children often spend a lot of time on Facebook forgetting about work / homework. Block a Facebook for a period of time can be also used for self-testing.

PM Employee Monitor is ideal for employers who want to increase employee productivity and provide reasonable freedom of action to employees that will be serve as motivation or as an opportunity to have some rest at the workplace.

Parents, without causing irritation and resentment, can limit time spent on Facebook, limit time on websites, and monitor any computer activity, etc with our easy and all-inclusive software.

Our reliable website blocker does not require any special knowledge, it's easy to install and configure. Limit Facebook time with PM Employee Monitor in a few minutes.

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Windows 8, 7, 2003, XP
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