Improving Productivity in the Workplace

improve productivity

In today's society we spend most of our week at our workplace. After all, we need to earn a living so that we can support our family, have a nice home and enjoy fun activities. Unfortunately, much of our time in the workplace is not used as efficiently as it could be. When efficiency is lost, so is productivity and that can be detrimental to both the employee and the company. So, how do you go about improving productivity in the workplace?

by Stephen Won Top-manager of Firstline Systems
Wed, 09/02/2013

1. Minimize Daily Interruptions

The first thing you should do to do is to find a way to minimize daily interruptions. You should limit communicating with friends on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter to a minimum during the workday. If you use an instant messaging system in your office, try to use it on a professional level and limit outside communication. This will help you keep your train of thought and continue to produce professional and quality work.

Tip: Close social networking site, news, blogs, sites not related to work. Open them only during the break or when you are tired.

"I thought that I spent in Facebook less than 15 minutes a day, but as it turned out my 15 minutes lasted more than an hour."

Tips for Employer: Use special software to limit time users can spend of socials networks, chats, etс to 30 minutes a day or by schedule.

2. Organize Your Office and Work Space

Organization is another way to help boost employee productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Sometimes it simply takes reorganizing your workspace, your file system, and other areas of the office so that you can find the things you need to do your job quickly and effortlessly. This even goes for organizing your computer. Having everything you need to do your job close at hand and easy to find will increase your productivity by giving more time to do your work and less time to find the things you need. Properly organized workplace together with your comfort and convenience is largely determine your performance.

Tip: Know your tools and use them. Keep your workplace in order. Remember most managers will not promote a man with a scruffy desk to a responsible post.

Tip for Employers: Make sure that your employees have everything necessary for work and rest in breaks.

3. Update Your Computer Systems

Many companies have gone as far as revamping their computer systems and IT departments in order to help boost productivity. Having the most current applications and technology that helps automate tasks and keep employees on track will go a long way towards allowing them to do their jobs properly and efficiently. It may be a good idea to consider upgrading your computer systems if you are still working with an older model that does not meet the need of your staff and yours.

Tip: If your workstation makes you nervous even a few times a day, don't hesitate and ask for updates.

Tip for Employers: Never skimp on hardware and software. These expenses will be negligible compared to the decrease in productivity of your employees.

4. Offer Incentives to Boost Productivity

Incentives such as an extra day off, free lunches and bonuses can also go a long way towards boosting morale in the company and productivity, if you can afford these kinds of perks. Providing your employees with a nice environment to work in is another way to help them remain productive and efficient. However, consider some of the simple tips mentioned above first and see if that helps before you start offering incentives that may not be in your company's best interest.

5. Use an Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software is not only a way to know what your employees really do on their workplace but to block or limit non-work related activates.

" At first I was afraid that such soft startles my employees and can be evaluated as interference in their privacy. However, I configured the program that it blocks time-wasters and records top websites and programs where users spend most of the time. Moreover, I made this information publicly available within the office, so each employee can assess their performance themselves."

Consider installing an employee monitoring system like PM Employee Monitor. This program will help you monitor what your employees are doing and it will provide you with valuable reports that can pinpoint where the loss of productivity is taking place. It is powerful website blocker, that allows you to filter content and block unacceptable websites.

"I believe, that the primary for productivity work, is a simple identification of what you do on an ordinary working day. Based on the analysis of this information we can understand how effectively the work is , and how to improve the efficiency."

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