Limit Time on Apps

PM Employee Monitor allows you to limit amount of time that users can spend on applications that you specified. It can be instant messengers, charts or games.

This innovative feature, called Time Limits, allows you to permit limited access to any web sites and programs. Instead of completely locking out the time-wasters, you can define a time-limited opportunity for your users to access some of non-productive programs that make their computers fun. For example, you can limit time on World of Warcraft to 30 minutes a day.

How to Limit Time on Specific Applications

1. Download and install PM Employee Monitor.
2. On the Controls menu, select Time Limits.

time limits
3. Click the Add button under the Applications list.
4. Select the app you want to add, or click Browse to find out the location of the application's executable file (*.exe) on your computer.

add application

5. Specify the amount of time a user can spend on the apps.
6. Save Changes.

limit time

Note! PM Employee Monitor counts just active time. If the apps or websites are opened but is not active, such time is not counted.

The Time Limits features allows you to limit time on specific websites as well. For example, some users may want to do a little shopping during the work day or visit social websites. Use PM Employee Monitor to provide your users with breaks in which they can access their favorite sites.

With PM Employee Monitor you can also completely block websites or complitly block applications that are unacceptable on the workplace. The program contains many other features to help you manage your computer use. Along with filtering features, PM Employee Monitor lets you monitor all users's computer activities. What websites were visited, what applications were launched, typed keywords, and captured screenshots, PM Employee Monitor provides you full pictures of your employee business day, and allows you to evaluate his/her work and boost your employee productivity.

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