Limit Time on Websites

PM Employee Monitor allows you to limit user access to non-productive websites such as social networks, games, chats, etc to a reasonable amount of time a day. For example, you can limit time a user can spend on Facebook and Twitter to 30 minutes a day.

How to Limit Time on Websites

1. Download and install PM Employee Monitor.
2. On the Controls menu, click Time Limits.

time limits

3. Click the Add button under the Websites list.
4. Enter an URL or a keyword, then click OK.

add website

5. The URL or keyword will appear in the Websites list.
6. Specify how much time users are allowed to spend on certain websites.
7. When finished, click Save Changes.

limit time

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In the Internet there are a lot of websites access to which is desirable to block according to corporate policy or family safety. PM Employee Monitor is a special application that helps you learn more about your employees' online and offline habits and correct them. Do they spend too much time on Facebook instead of working? They spend hours watching funny videos on Youtube or hang on forums. Then our application is for you.

PM Employee Monitor allows you to block specified websites after a certain time or block them completely. Additionally, you can block any site containing specified keywords. The application has a variety of settings and advanced means of collecting statistics behavior on a computer and network.

PM Employee Monitor improves your company productivity by limiting the time your employee can spend on time wasting websites. With it, you can specify how much time users is allowed to spend on non-productive websites and applications, and at the end of this time they will be unavailable.

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