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Personal Monitor for Need to track your computer? Concern about your children online? PM Personal Monitor is an up-to-date and comprehensive monitoring software. Personal Monitor has lots of features to monitor EVERYTHING users do on your computer. It allows you to record website, application, chats, games, keystroke and screenshots.
Personal Monitor is one of few programs that provides top ten statistics of visited websites and launched programs to save your time. You can view logs as on your local computer as well as on your email client with our email reporting feature. Stealth mode is also available to monitor a computer invisibly. Our monitoring software is designed to help you look after your family being aware of what your family is doing on the computer.

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Personal Monitor | Features

Top 10 Visited Websites and Used Applications

Often it is not necessary to spend much time and look through all computer activity, which can be sizeable. Use Top 10 features of Personal Monitor to see that users are doing most of their time. At a glance you can view ten websites and ten applications a user spend the most time on.

Website Monitoring

Our monitoring software register each website visited by users even if they delete their browser's history. The software supports all versions of such browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and others. It effectively works in the background and does not slow down computer and the Internet. All collected information including URL addresses and page titles is available via the emailed reports.

Application Monitoring

Personal Monitor records each program launched on your computer, so it easy to find out if your children is playing games or doing his homework. You will know not only what program was run, but how much time a user spent in the program. This is particularly necessary to detect and restrict harmful or time-consuming application.

Keystroke Monitoring

Once installed, our best monitoring software records each key pressed by a user. This allows to record chats, emails, search queries and other data, to be aware of your family computer activity. Detail information captured along with application name, time and date can be sorted by each of that parameter that allows you to easily find interested one. Our keylogger can monitor all users regardless of administrative rights.

Screenshot Capturing

With customizable screen capturing, you will get full color idea of users' activities. Captured screenshots is the most descriptive logs that give you a clearer picture of what is really occurring in your child's computer live. This will allow you to look beyond the screen and see incoming chats, emails, etc. Customize PM Personal Monitor to grab screenshots each minute minimum.

Stealth Mode and Password Protection

You may not want to disclose that computer is monitored. Obvious that a child could be against that. So Personal Monitor provides a stealth mode making the program absolutely invisible and nobody can detect it. Only you will know that the program is installed. In this case, the program can be opened only by using a special command or hotkeys. In additional, the password strongly protects the monitoring software from being opened or uninstalled.

Remote monitoring via Email

We understand that is not always possible to get physical access to monitored computers in order to view logs. Personal Monitor allows you to get all logs via email, so they can be read anytime and anywhere. Configure the software to send logs to your email with interval you want.

Easy to Install and Use

Even though Personal Monitor has many features for monitoring, is extremely easy in use. All that you need is to install and specify your email to view logs remotely. Download FREE Trial and install today!


PM Personal Monitor Download PM Personal Monitor Purchase