What is Productivity Monitoring Software

How many hours a day your employees work? How much of this time they pretend that they are work? What do they do on a computer? Such issues sooner or later disturb every manager or employer. Productivity Monitoring Software helps you to answer all these questions. In this article, we present a program that simply and effectively measures this time.

The primary is to simply find out what you do on an ordinary working day. Based on the analysis of this information we can understand how effectively the work is, and how to improve productivity managing employees' time. Productivity Monitoring Software controls how employees are using their computers at work.

Determine where your time is wasted. One of the assistants in this case can be PM Employee Monitor, which allows you to track the time. It is fairly simple, but effective tool that works quickly and provides sufficient data for analysis.

The program will be meticulously and painstakingly collect data. An example of a report of how much time was spent on programs per week.

top spent applications

Report of Websites

top spent websites

As a result, you can get a clear picture of the computer time use. Then, after analyzing reports, you will be able to draw conclusions - what should not be done, what sites and programs have to be blocked or removed. Modern PM Software features are not limited by monitoring. It lets you ban activities that are not work related such as social networks, online games, chats, blogs, news. For example, you can block Facebook, adult content, online shopping, etc.

PM Employee Monitor can conduct a full accounting of time an employee spent on their workstations.

computer activity

If you want to closely monitor your employees, PM Employee Monitor provides logs of search queries and screenshots. The software includes all the possible functions of modern monitoring software.

Anyone who has used a computer knows that while they can be used for work-related functions, they can also be used to waste time, procrastinate, or take time away from the work that should be done, too. With PM Employee Monitor you can have a better idea of what employees are doing with their company-provided computers during their work day.

PM Employee Monitor can be the best option for control.

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