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Will I able to get all logs details on email per day?

The minimum interval of sending logs is one hour. If you want to receive logs on a daily basis, specify a 24-hour interval on the Remote Reporting tab.

I have forgotten the hotkeys to access the software.

To open the program, please try the default hotkey CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + Z or press Windows key + R, and then in the appeared Run dialog type monitor.

What is the main features of your software? How does it work?

PM Soft provides monitoring and filtering software. To monitor / manage your computers, you should install the program on each computer you want to control.

Process of installation is very simple. Just follow the installation step-by-step procedure. Note: To install the software you must have administrator rights.

After the installation you should configure monitoring and filtering features. PM Employee Monitor and PM Personal Monitor provides comprehensive remote and local reports of websites, applications, keystrokes, computer activities, and screenshots of all users on the computer independently of their rights.

Please see comparison table of our software.

What browsers does your software support?

The software supports all major browsers - Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. PM Soft is compatible with all version of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

How can I restrict a particular user on my computer?

You can enable/disable filtering and monitoring features for each user on your computer.

  1. Open the program.
  2. On the Options menu, click User Profiles.
  3. Check or unchecked the checkboxes with the names of the features opposite usernames.
  4. Save Changes.

I would like to block all Internet access accept to a few sites. How can I do it?

Our software can block all websites and allow only specified in a white list. To block all websites except specified:

  1. Install and open the program.
  2. Click Website Blocking.
  3. Click the Add button near the Allowed Websites list.
  4. Enter an URL or a keyword, then click OK.
  5. Enter all website you want to be allowed.
  6. Check the Only allow the websites listed above checkbox.
  7. Click Apply.

Read more about white list

The program has stopped working. What have I do?

Please make sure that the programs is registered. To check it, open the programs, then on the main menu, click Help > About. If the program is registered, you see your license key.

Check the program status on the main screen above the Stop/Start button. Please make sure that the current status is active.

We also recommend you to check Monitoring Settings (Options > Monitoring Setting) and User Accounts Setting (Options > User Accounts). If the problem persists, please contact us.

Does PM Soft conflict with antivirus software or vice-versa?

Some antivirus software may mistakenly determine viruses in our program as it contains a keylogger for recording typed keystrokes. Please don't worry about viruses. Our program does not contain any of them.

How easy is to remove or bypass the program?

Our software can't be uninstall from the Add/Remove program menu of Windows or by deleting the exe file with the program. To install the program, you need access it and select Uninstall on the File menu. So we recommend you to set up access password (on the main menu click Options > Set Password).

To avoid the program bypassing, we also recommend you to restrict some Windows options like Task Manager, Control Panel, etc. You can block them on the Windows Security tab of the program.

To restrict access to important Windows Options:

  1. Open the program.
  2. On the Controls menu, click Windows Security.
  3. Check the checkboxes with the Windows Options, to block them from users on your computer.
  4. Click Apply.

If you need access these Windows options in the future, you can Stop the program and access them, when Start the program again.

Does your software need a server?

Our programs are user-side independent software. They does not require a server. You should install the program on each computer you want to monitor/control manually and register with your license key. After it, you can view logs locally on the computers or set up remote reporting and receive logs on your email.

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