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Many employers and parents search for a reliable website blocker. Despite a variety of such software on the market, many of them do not live up to customer expectations, do not have a minimum set of features and are unreliable.

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Windows 8, 7, 2003, XP
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How to block sites with our website blocker

1. Download and install PM Employee Monitor.
2. On the Controls Menu, click Website Filter.

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3. Add banned sites in the lists, by clicking the Add button.
4. Select category you want to block.
5. Save Changes.

We believe a good website blocker must:

  • Be reliable. It can' be bypassed. Proxy servers, anonymizers, any user attempt to access forbidden sites or lift you bun have not to be successful.
  • Block certain websites by URLs and keywords in all browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc), so users can't access the them just changing browser.
  • Lock all pages of a forbidden website. Many blockers allow restricting only the main page of banned website, and other pages can be easily opened. Pay attention and check your app.
  • Block categories of websites, for example adult content, online shopping, social networks, etc. This will save you lots of time, eliminate the need to enter addresses of thousands sites and allows to stop unwanted content.
  • Have the capability to block all website except allowed – a white list feature.
  • Have the capability to block websites for any user on the computer
    • For specific users
    • For users with administrative rights
    • For users with password protected accounts you have not access to
  • Provide reports of blocked websites. You have to be sure that forbidden sites were locked, so a good program has to provide reports of websites were blocked and forbidden webpages were tried to access.
  • Provide reports of all visited websites. It will let you know what sites should be forbidden.
  • Provide reports of most visited websites. It will let you know on what sites a user spends the most of his time.
  • Be easy in use and have intuitive interface.

Let us preset website blocker software that meets all the above requirements – PM Employee Monitor. The program allows you to ban websites reliably and contains a full range of monitoring features (websites, applications, keystrokes, screenshots, and so on).

Website Blocker for Certain Users

PM Employee Monitor allows you to ban sites for any user on your computer. Download our website blocker. Install it on your account and set up a website filter, then configure the program for your users. To configure:

1. On the Options menu, click User Profiles.
2. Check or uncheck the Website Filter checkboxes opposite the usernames.
3. Save Changes.

setting for certain users

Remote Reporting

We understand that it's not always possible to view reports of visited websites locally. Our software lets you receive the reports on your email so you can view logs remotely. To configure remote reporting:

1. On the Options menu, click Reporting via Email.
2. Check Send Reports via Email.
3. Enter your email address and specify how often you want to receive the reports.
4. Check the checkboxes with computer activities you want to receive.
5. Save Changes.

email reporting

Remote reporting via FTP is also available.

Please ensure the reliability and functionality of our website blocker, download a free 15-day trail version of PM Employee Monitor!

Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP